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Month: February 2015

Chemo on the 11th . . .

Guess it is time for an update. Chemo as scheduled on the 11th. I had gone with a couple of grumbles about my health. Had a cough. Just didn’t feel well. Basically was given the choice of more antibiotics if I felt it was necessary and postpone chemo or go ahead. Went ahead. The doctor told me later he assumed I would choose that option – and I know if I really needed the antibiotics they would have been prescribed. We went out to celebrate Jim’s birthday afterward and as usual I felt pretty well until Saturday. Saturday and Sunday had the usual “off” feeling – slightly nauseous and had to keep eating to feel comfortabe. Will not even mention what I felt like eating . . .odd food with strong flavors . . . but it kept me feeling comfortable. Find if I eat something every hour or two I’m much better . . . ate lots of Mandarin oranges. Still feel cold much of the time and I am sure am also  struggling with the anxiety which goes with a diagnosis like this. Much better on Monday and had our grandson to distract me and would have been fine today if I had gotten a better night’s sleep. More side effects – my eyebrows are almost gone – but so is the really irritating cough. Go figure. Also much more watchful because of the couple of days in the hospital – checking temperature and such.

Once again, Deb made wonderful stuffed peppers and “the kids” gave us restaurant gift cards which also helped us through the “what’s for dinner” issue. My sister and my children and Koka have been there for me continually. The one person who has helped me through this most of all – I haven’t even mentioned. I do not know how I could have gotten through this without Jim. His sense of humor has helped both of us through this and his kindness and
thoughtfulness have made each and every moment easier. I really cannot imagine going through this without him by my side.

Well, that was the last chemo. Now it will be check-ups and “wait and see.” I may not post again for awhile because there really will be nothing to say! I am so thankful this part is finished.

Chemo scheduled for the 11th.

I had my check- up on Wednesday. My lungs are clear – although I still have a cough. I was mistaken. I discovered after reading my hospital report that pneumonia was noted in both lungs. So glad I went to the emergency room when I did. I am well enough for my last infusion on the 11th.

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks.The death of a younger family member was sobering and a couple of emergency room visits and then surgery for another family member. My anxiety level is high – just not looking forward to the after effects of the chemo and shot and just want sunshine and blue skies and spring. I confess to being tired of hospitals and doctors – as wonderful as they are when you need them. My poor bald head feels cold without covering and I feel cold a lot of the time. . . I know it’s winter’s chill particularly affecting me . . . I have yummy stuffed peppers tucked in the freezer thanks to Deb and several dinner dates before chemo. It’s so nice to have things to look forward to. Not sure when I will sign in after next
week and felt I just needed to “touch base.”