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Month: March 2016

A journey of four years . . .

The news that I’m in remission from stage IV lung cancer was huge. However, anyone who has had cancer will tell you that one is always looking around corners. It was four years ago this month that I decided to get all my “necessary” medical tests done. A suggestion for prophylactic hysterectomy came first followed by the diagnosis of Triple negative breast cancer. The cancer came first. I had a lumpectomy followed by placement of a Savi port and a week’s worth of twice a day radiation – followed by chemotherapy. I had a mammogram today- four years out. I feel badly because the doctor I’ve been seeing for these check-ups is moving on. He implanted both my radiation port and the port I still have for chemotherapy. However, he once more assured me that this particular cancer usually roars back in two years and after three years the prognosis is pretty good. Well, it’s now four years and my tests were clear. I’ll continue to have mammograms but the results will go to my oncologist and gynecologist and so I have one less doctor to see. The pink tulips I planted the fall of 2012 are coming up and the bulbs and plants I planted last fall are coming up. All I can say is thank you all for your continued prayers and kind thoughts. You’ve all helped me through this.  I’m going to keep on planting.

Happy Spring!

My dear friends and relatives who have so faithfully remembered me in thought and prayer and with company and kind help . . . I cannot begin to tell you the strength and hope I gained throughout these months . . . it was a year ago September that I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. It seems like both yesterday and eons ago.

On Monday I had a PET scan and today I saw my oncologist. I am officially in remission. For right now, this means that I’ll be fine until/if the cancer mutates and the chemo I take daily stops working. However, there are now two more forms of targeted chemo approved after this one.  I have also discovered how to avoid some of the tummy discomfort I was getting on a daily basis with the medication. To say that I am “walking on sunshine” is an understatement. That being said, I am also able to do more again and am really feeling like my old self. As I told the oncologist – I’m so happy I planted those bulbs last fall!!!!!!