So, it’s July. I’ve had another unevetful PET scan. I continue to take daily chemo. I have ups and downs. I continue to plan . . .I have to have things to look forward to . . .but this really is not an easy trip. That marker I’ve mentioned keeps going up. This last visit was the first time the oncologist has expressed concern about it . . . said he was thinking of me while attending a conference. There is a new drug for brain metastasis of lung cancer . . .it’s not chemo . . .and then he said that perhaps he should do a CT scan of my brain although no symptoms are showing because a CT scan is more inclusive. . .and we’ll talk about that next visit when we schedule the next PET scan – and of course now I am googling and hyper analyzing any symptoms.(and he did say that there are also two or three other treatments available if I need them) I haven’t talked with anyone except Jim about this and now I’m putting it out there for all of you. I know, I am only one of millions of people undergoing stressful medical conditions. AND – I am really fortunate because I feel relatively okay-but this is why I am definitely living in the minute most of the time. Drop everything to visit – SURE. Have a lot of people over…ABSOLUTELY! Enjoy every minute of outside time YES. I’m not getting everything done but I am storing up all the wonderful events and memories because I am savoring the time I am spending with other people. And, here’s the political part, the idea of doing away with “pre existing” conditions frightens me. It scared me when I retired and signed up for supplemental and already had a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer . . . I have been fortunate that I have been able to get treatment . . but everyone else should have that same right – and I say “right” not privilege. Health care is available in most countries. We are SUPPOSED to be right “up there.” Until we take care of all of our people I don’t think we are. Meanwhile, I have a large party coming up, I’ve been hanging out with friends, friends and their grandchildren, my own kids and grandchildren . . .life is for the living…AND this fall it will be 5 years since I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. I’m still here. I actually have some plans made that reach into 2022. It ‘s all keeping me going.  Being a child of the 60’s,  I’ll keep trucking’.