It has been a long time since my last post. I really did not feel well for the first couple of months of this targeted chemo but gave it “my best shot.” Two weeks ago I saw the oncologist and said that I was finally feeling a bit optimistic because I thought my energy level was improving – but food still didn’t appeal to me and I continued to have med related feelings of nausea. The day after that visit I had a great day – felt like I haven’t in a year. This alternated with “off days” but I continued to feel and look better and energy levels picked up and I started feeling so darn hopeful. That’s the scary part – I was to have my PET scan and was afraid that somehow my feeling so great was just a fluke.

Wednesday I had the PET scan. Some of you know that hawks have become a symbol for me. One of my doctors and my cousin gave me St. Peregine medals – St. Peregrine was cured of cancer because of his faith – and it all seemed tied together. I have always looked for hawks on my way to and from McHenry – and saw them often enough. Well- when I came out of the hospital after the PET scan there was a hawk soaring above the entrance . . .it was really awesome to see. Hope may start as that “little winged thing” but it feels really good when it soars.

I saw my scan results yesterday. Still shadowy but it appears that the chemo is really working its magic. No appreciable inflammation any more – even the one affected lymph node is clear -and no signs of metastasis. I saw the oncologist today – for now I can expect to continue to feel better – I will continue to take the drug – and will continue to feel hopeful. There is once more a possible gynecological issue I will have to have checked out – but I’m okay with that as long as my lungs are clearing. There is still some fluid – the doctor feels it is part and parcel of the cancer and having had pneumonia twice and will possibly clear up as well.

It feels so wonderful to feel really well. Now I will just “keep on trucking” and hope for the best. ¬†Enjoy every day!