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Thankful . . .

I just realized that it had been over a year between past entries and my last entry. How much can change in just a year! Look at 2020 and the havoc wrought. So much else can change too . . .

I have so much to be thankful for. It is incredible. I had another MRI and the lesions are smaller again. All of my blood work is good . . .better than before when I was on the other medication. Muscle aches and pains are still bothering me and I have lost two thirds of my hair. We won’t know for six months if any of this has been transient or will be more permanent. Most exciting, a blood test is done regularly to check for cancer activity. The results this past test were lower than they have EVER been . . .after chemo, radiation and the first targeted therapy. The graphs shows an almost vertical decine.

So . . .hugs to all of you. This was all such good news. There is so much we can be grateful for . . .the Sunday comic reminded us that, after all, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated after dire hardship. We can always find things we are thankful for.


  1. Koka

    So happy you are doing so well! Always thankful for you and “Dad.”

  2. Nancy Thomason

    Your attitude is the best! Wonderful update

    • lisa

      Thanks, Nancy . . . I finally figured out why I didn’t see your comment.

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