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Another bridge to cross . . . .

So, it’s been awhile. Fall, again. Little warnings that there were changes, now confirmations . . .and treatment starts again. Brain lesions recurred and there is some minor progression elsewhere. So . . . . gamma knife treatment for two brain lesions last Wednesday with two chemo and Keytruda infusions started on Friday. I am in the middle of chemo nausia and feel miserable. See the oncologist today . . .and plan to get meds to help with that. I am prepared….have a new wig. Was not prepared for this “downer” however. B12 injection and steroids gave me a bit of a boost and boy have I crashed. I have forgotten how I felt and what I ate and how I worked with all the symptoms before and am relearning. Loving fall’s beautiful colors, my two lovely kitties and the blessings of family and friends.


  1. Koka

    Thinking about you always. Wishing you the best as you go through this.

    • Lisa Thomason

      Thank you, Koka.

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