I realize I started my last post with a lament about getting complacent. I’ve waited a day to post . . .had my oncologist’s appointment on Wednesday – had the PET scan last week and already knew the results because I read the report on line. Believe me, I’m not REALLY complacent . . . there is no sign of anything on the scan. Doc doesn’t want to see me until January and although I’ll still have to go there to pick up my chemo and have my port flushed, he felt it would be nice to have a rest until after the holidays. No mention was made of thinning bones. Still calcification of blood vessels – but I am going to be 70 after all. I doubled my intake of magnesium and the nausea hasn’t bothered me but once in weeks. I’ve been working in the yard – bought a machete some years back and have been using it. Have planted not only spring bulbs but summer flowers. I have felt like myself again for the last month. It’s incredible to feel this good and this hopeful. Have my fingers crossed that the chemo just keeps doing its thing. Continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am not OVER this – just have to keep fighting the battle – so all kind words are appreciated!