I last wrote a little over a year ago. My doctor had mentioned possible metastisis of my lung cancer . . .the medicine I started in 2014 was supposed to be helpful for 12 to 18 months. I regularly had a test for “tumor markers” and that had been going up , , ,although nothing was showing on my PET scans. Then earlier this year a small nodule appeared on my left adrenal gland . . .and just over a month ago the decision was made that it was time for an MRI of my brain. I had the scan. It showed a number of lesions scattered throughout . . . all relatively small. I had not had any symptoms of cancer in my brain and so once more this was disovered at an early stage. Then we scrambled. The new medicine I mentioned in my last post which can cross the brain/ blood barrier was prescribed . . .as well as steroids to reduce any inflammation. I am afraid I had quite a problem with steroids. They made me really angry . . .I was yelling at Jim and the cat. My oncologist told me it’s in the contract . . .I can yell at Jim but must not yell at Splotch. But worse than that, I suddenly realized I was losing strength in major muscles affecting walking . . .and some core, arm and hand strength. I actually felt worse than I had on chemo. Because I was going to physical therapy for an injury to my foot and resultant problems with walking (my knee was in need of replacement several years ago already but they will not replace it until I am in pain) I was able to work on the muscles I needed to strengthen. I have gone from leg lifts with resistance bands to not being able to do leg lifts at all and now back to resistance bands. I have a ways to go before my muscle tone is anywhere near what it was . . .there was actually muscle wasting and it will take some time to rebuild.

HOWEVER . . .I had an MRI last Friday and saw the oncologist today. He walked into the exam room and simply said, “Congratulations.” The small lesions are gone and the others are diminished. The inflamation is gone and the medication is working. There may be some side effects but there are already some GOOD ones. No nausea mid day and my morning coffee tastes wonderful once again. I am so very grateful.

So, for now, I will just keep exercising. I will keep my mask on . . .my immune system does not need to be compromised with germs of any kind. I will enjoy each and every moment of each and every day . . .good food and good friends. . . and continue to work very hard on the question that keeps coming back to me . . .”what is my purpose, why am I still here.”