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Happy Spring!

My dear friends and relatives who have so faithfully remembered me in thought and prayer and with company and kind help . . . I cannot begin to tell you the strength and hope I gained throughout these months . . . it was a year ago September that I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. It seems like both yesterday and eons ago.

On Monday I had a PET scan and today I saw my oncologist. I am officially in remission. For right now, this means that I’ll be fine until/if the cancer mutates and the chemo I take daily stops working. However, there are now two more forms of targeted chemo approved after this one.  I have also discovered how to avoid some of the tummy discomfort I was getting on a daily basis with the medication. To say that I am “walking on sunshine” is an understatement. That being said, I am also able to do more again and am really feeling like my old self. As I told the oncologist – I’m so happy I planted those bulbs last fall!!!!!!


  1. Nancy Thomason

    What wonderful, inspiring, happy news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And YES, let’s be thinking about a trip together……..Barcelona does look pretty nice, but there could be other places.
    I am so happy for you. Remission is a beautiful word!
    And I, too, am so glad you planted those bulbs last year.
    Love you. Xoxox

    • Lisa Thomason

      Thank you, Nancy. The PET scan was completely free of ANY indication of inflammation or cancer. Apparently I have healed entirely from the surgery in November without any further issues as well. Before I even think about Barcelona I actually want to get down there as well. I keep looking at that travel site which had the great apartments in Barcelona – but there are so many other places they advertised as well. Lets keep looking. Love to you too.

  2. Beth Rainer

    How wonderful Lisa! We’re so happy that you’ll soon be able to “tiptoe thru the tulips”! What great news!

    Beth & Dick

  3. lisa

    Beth – Thank you – I will indeed be “tiptoeing through the daffodils” ( since the deer leave those alone) and I am SOOO looking forward to it.

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