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Two months have passed . . .

Someone asked me how I was feeling and I realized I haven’t posted since December. ..Well, I feel better than I have in a couple of years. I have come a long way in the last year. Last January I had pneumonia along with cancer treatment and felt really ill. This year I have my usual 10:30 nausea – almost like morning sickness- but feel really well a lot of the time. I still don’t have quite the stamina I had before but I’ve been able to stay up later to watch television programs I want to see and still get up early. Shopping is much easier – can pop in and out of several stores – and I feel like my “step” has picked up once again. I am really enjoying cooking again. It’s all good. Saw the oncologist yesterday and he’s asked me to hold off the Pet scan for a month – giving the surgery another month of healing so that doesn’t show up on the scan. I had a little concern because the funding had to be renewed for the targeted chemo and I am always fearful that somehow something will go wrong – it didn’t and I’ll continue as usual. Spoke with the surgeon who implanted the two devices I have had for treatment and am scheduled for my four year checkup for breast cancer in March.

I am already enjoying the fact that the days are longer and I am looking forward to spring. I am very grateful that I was diagnosed at a time when I could actually be treated. I don’t know what the future will be but I have SO enjoyed these last couple of months. I am also so very grateful to have friends and family close by.


  1. Susan Richman

    Grateful to hear that you are feeling much, much better overall… AND enjoying cooking (and probably eating!!!) and that you’re able to get out shopping with more stamina, and more. All good news!!! THANKS for sharing! Grateful for each day ;-).


    • Lisa Thomason

      Thank you, Susan for your kind words. Unfortunately, yes, the appetite is back as well. It’s wonderful to enjoy my food – hard to lose weight!!!! Lisa

  2. Barbara

    So happy to hear that you are doing so well. It has been a difficult time and you have been so strong. Prayers are continuing. I have finally retired. Today was my last day. More time for play.

    • Lisa Thomason

      Thanks, Barb. I saw the pictures of your retirement and did comment on the posted pictures. Can’t believe you finally did it! I certainly wish you well. I appreciate the continued prayers. Obviously, I am not “out of the woods” yet – but it is good to be feeling so well!

  3. Nancy Thomason

    I am happy, happy happy for you!

    • Lisa Thomason

      I’m happy too!!!!

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