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Done . . . and Done. . .

Another chapter closes. Had full hysterctomy yesterday at two in the afternoon – am home today at 1:30 writing this with exactly one tylenol this a.m. since it occurred. Can’t believe this – laproscopic surgery is definitely incredible. Endometrial cancer completely removed. No sign of any other areas of concern – and three fewer places for cancer to attack. Had a turkey sandwich for dinner last night and scrambled eggs this morning and checkup appointment already made. No getting around the fact that Loyola is a huge, teaching hospital – saw round of interns and medical students twice before breakfast – but same thing happened when Jim was born at Brookdale in Brooklyn (they had seven newborn nurseries!). Can’t start chemo again until Saturday morning. That’s one full week off of it because of decidedly dangerous interactions with other meds. And – my appetite came roaring back. Nothing like chemo to take the fun out of food.

I had put up all the Christmas decorations already and basically busied myself so that I would NOT have to worry about things if I returned feeling unwell. Looks like I am now a step ahead of it all. No restrictions except for lifting more than 15 pounds for 6 weeks and only showers for 2. I think I can live with this.

I will be four years out of my breast cancer diagnosis in March. I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer a year ago September. The new diagnosis is now history.

Thank all of you for your prayers, hugs and kind thoughts. They got me through this!!!!


  1. Susan Richman

    That is AMAZING that you are now back home!!! SO grateful all went so well, as that the laproscopic surgery indeed minimizes so many of the problems of ‘regular’ surgery. Enjoy eating this week!!

    With love,

  2. lisa

    Susan, I’m a little achey tonight – still not needing pain meds – I’m afraid I’m one of those people that am a little fearful of too much medication and just don’t use it unless I need it. Believe it’s done me in good stead as the ONLY med I’m on is the chemo at this point – aside from vitamins C and D, calcium and a good multivitamin. With no other issues to deal with, it’s a lot simpler to treat the “big” one. Jim is also taking only his iron supplement and C and a multiple vitamin. Hoping this little break in chemo won’t be detrimental but feel the additional surgery will spare me from something down the road. This was often treatable with hormones but both doctor’s felt that the two treatments were not compatible and of course surgery took care of the situation completely. Feel very fortunate that I keep stopping things before they are more serious. We’ll see where this goes! Meanwhile, again thank you for you kind thoughts. Used some of your wonderful maple syrup to make a refined sugar free pumpkin “pudding” – also gluten free without the crust – and it was wonderful. Love, Lisa

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