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Surgery . . .

We’re preparing for the huge snowstorm – it’s 6:20 P.M. – and the nurse at Loyola just called to schedule surgery.

I did mention that my uterus “lit up” on the PET scan and my oncologist had me talk with my gynecologist. He had concerns because he had not been able to obtain a satisfactory sample during a D and C. He recommended an hysterectomy at that time due to serveral factors but the diagnosis of breast cancer trumped everything and I had that taken care of. During the last couple of years tests have been negative and until the last scan there wasn’t any urgency. When I called him he recommended that I see a gynecological oncologist at Loyola. I mentioned the name to my oncologist and he concurred. This happened on the 11th. Loyola called, I picked up the PET scan disc and I saw the doctor at Loyola on Tuesday the 17th. He called yesterday to tell me that I had a low grade cancer. It is unknown what would result if I took hormones along with my targeted chemo and so hysterectomy was suggested – he had spoken with my oncologist and they felt that would be the better choice. I am definitely able to do this as far as my health is concerned.  Since I am currently feeling so well I concur. I would hate to wait and find myself needing surgery or having additional trouble down the line . . . this seems like the right time to do this.

And so, I just got off the phone. Surgery is scheduled after Thanksgiving. Laproscopic. It will be just an overnight stay in the hospital. This doctor’s done many – believe me I checked. He’s been practicing for 34 years. He’s a kind man. He will do the surgery. I asked because knowing this is a teaching hospital I was afraid it might not be.  Because he is an oncologist he will also be checking lymph nodes which is something my gynecologist had been concerned about. And, this is endometrial cancer. I have just received another new diagnosis.

Based on how well I feel, I have once more decided I intend to live to be at least 90 – that had been my plan before all of this started. Anyway, as I told my sister, I am sure I have 6 months out from each day I feel well. So, once more, I’ll just keep on truckin’!


  1. Barbara

    I think that 90 is definitely doable. You looked so good when we were all together that I am very sure you will win this battle. Sorry you have to go through all of this, but, know you are very much loved. Hugs to you.

    • Lisa Thomason

      Barb – still working out how this posts – finally got it- already e-mailed you but want to thank you “publicly” as well. As I mentioned, this is the reason I wanted to remain in the “prayer” loop. I just knew this was going to happen. Will just keep moving forward!!!! Hugs and love and prayers are all very much appreciated. Lisa

  2. Nancy Thomason

    I am so sorry to hear this, but I agree with Barbara………ninety is definitely doable. So glad they are going to do laparoscopic surgery. That should be much less traumatic than the old way. And I Am encouraged by the words “low grade”. And so glad you are feeling so generally healthy.
    Love,love,love you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Lisa Thomason

    I just can’t believe that I am getting hit with everything but seem to be “catching it” before it is really serious. Endometrial cancer- grade one- is usually curable with hysterectomy . . .and I really expected I would end up with the hysterctomy sooner or later – and better now since I really am feeling pretty good. This should be an overnight and good to go in a week or two. Just “wow.” Appreciating all hugs, love, prayers, etc. Lisa

  4. Amy link miller

    Wow! If God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, you are SUPER WOMAN!!! Hugs and prayers that surgery goes well and you continue to feel well! You’re going to kick 90’s arse 🙂

    • Lisa Thomason

      Not superwoman – but isn’t good that people are talking about cancer and that – at least in some cases – it may be considered a chronic rather than life ending disease? I will take all the hugs and prayers – the surgery will be laproscopic – I am more concerned with the prepping beforehand and antibiotics afterward because of possible reactions with the chemo I’m taking. Then, again- both oncologists felt I am able to do this and the surgery itself is not because anything is life threatening. I keep thinking that somehow there is still a “plan” for me!

      • Susan Richman

        Wooo– just saw this post of yours, Lisa! Sending all good wishes for smooth surgery and uneventful and ready recovery back at home right after. YES, a real blessing that this was caught at this point– Someone is looking out for you (and YOU are really doing ‘your part’, too!!!!). VERY grateful you are feeling good right now– and I’m voting for ‘at least 90’ for you too ;-).

        Lots of love,

        • lisa

          Susan – Just saw your note and thanking you for your kind wishes. This is beginning to be so repetitious! When I said something about multiple cancers to the oncologist at Loyola he said that there are many patients with multiple issues who continue to do well. Hope I continue to fight back. Love to you to – Lisa.

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