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July, 2016

How complacent one gets. I almost forgot to post anything. There is news – I’m still in remission and am doing pretty well considering – still get “morning sickness,” still have some edema in my feet and ankles and still have some fatigue. Other problems have popped up. I’ve been diagnosed with osteroporosis and some loss of bone in my spinal column (no genetic history we know of), there is some calcification in an artery and since my last dental visit six months ago I suddenly have 9 cavities! Per my oncologist, these aren’t related to chemo – but I do have my doubts. I won’t have to take any additional meds but have a “calcium rich” diet to follow which includes the latest admonition that dairy products are not good for us.  So . . . meanwhile, I continue to walk a little more, sit in the sun (vitamin D after all) and visit with family whenever possible. Can’t believe it will be two years ago September I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. I’ll be in remission until this drug stops working and there are other treatments waiting in the wings. I’m so fortunate to have been diagnosed when there really is hope!!!! I’m looking at bulb catalogues already. My doctor said he had a patient who used to ask him if he could still buy green bananas. I’m happy I’m still thinking in terms of next spring and summer!!!!!


  1. Nancy Thomason

    Remission is such a beautiful word.
    Did you ever get a nutribullet ? Green smoothies might really be helpful to you now.
    Don’t like hearing about 9new cavities……ouch.
    Enjoy the bulb browsing, and order yourself something really beautiful.
    Xox, Nancy

    • lisa

      Nancy – I did get the nutribullet. I’m thinking I probaly should be making bone broth and start snacking on sardines. I’ll just keep on keeping on. My tummy has been more settled the last week . . . not jure what I can “blame’ it on. XOX to you too! Lisa

  2. Barbara

    You are just so strong. I know that you will continue to beat cancers butt. Prayers will continue to be said for you.. Hugs to you too.

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