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January Doldrums.

Well, the past week and a half has been pretty much what I anticipated.  I really shouldn’t complain – I could have felt so much worse and had so many  other problems- but it has not been a picnic.  After effects of chemo set in same as before – three days after infusion – and were as mild as they had been with half the amount of chemotherapy.  I should be thankful.  However, the Neulasta was just as big a jolt as I remembered.  Felt like I hit a wall the day after the shot – which was the same day the chemo reaction set in – achy, mildly nauseous  and out of it. Thought I was having digestive issues and realized the pain was probably across my hip bones and pelvis.  My ankles and knees hurt and it actually felt uncomfortable to walk one morning.  Had been warned that I would have bone and muscle aches.  Nurses explained that some people actually feel like they are having a heart attack due to their sternum and bones in their chest hurting.  Had taken my Tylenol before my shot and took one at bedtime. so I have continued to sleep  well.  Had the usual digestive problems so had my Miralax cocktail nightly.  Today is the first day I feel almost normal.  I have to admit to feeling a little down.  It is so easy to take “feeling well” for granted.  That was all I wanted- to feel well.   On Tuesday the blood test confirmed that all was well – red blood cell count just a little down and immature red blood cell count elevated but everything else was within “normal” range.  For all the discomfort, Neulasta had done its thing.  Wednesday I had my follow up with the radiologist and I will not see him until July.  My health is good.  My lungs are clear.  With any luck all of this is doing what it is supposed to do.

A few things have helped me through.  A “survival” package came in the mail from Nate and Kris just in time.  Bit O Honey is awesome for mild nausea in my case.  The good wishes and encouraging thoughts helped as well.  Best of all was their  good news.  My son had to go out of town and we helped with Alex.  A seven year old is wonderfully distracting.  My sister helped with transportation as there were conflicts with Alex needing to be picked up or dropped off – I feel well enough to eat but not always like eating “just anything.”  Eating out with my sister and with my husband and  Koka gave me a greater range of selection . . .and I didn’t have to cook.  And the blog 4 Times and Counting  continues to inspire me.  The author is a lawyer and mother of two young children who has been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer four different times – all primany diagnoses.  Her story is incredible.  I look at everyone around me and realize there are so many people with incredible stories fighting incredible battles.

February 4th will be my last chemo – followed by Neulasta.  I am simply thankful knowing that this will be my last treatment for now.  In the meantime, I am enjoing feeling “almost normal.”


  1. Koka

    As always, thinking of you through your treatment. I think this was the first time I’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary with you. I’m forever amazed at your positive outlook. I am so grateful that Alex has you and Grandpa–not just in his life, but as an integral part of his life. Love you, and looking forward to birthdays.

  2. Susan Richman

    THANKS for continuing to find the energy to post– appreciate your *honesty* in sharing how you are getting through this difficult treatment and those days when you felt ‘overall crummy’ and achy…. BUT still realizing that many have much more difficult reactions. GRATEFUL that today you are feeling a bit more ‘normal’… AND for the word from the doctors that looks like everything is working as they hoped. Prayers for you continuing…. May those lungs of yours continue to *clear up* and breathe lots and lots of wonderful air and energy and may you have a full healing, in body and spirit. Thinking of you!

    Lots of love,

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