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Did have the PET scan yesterday and did meet with the thoracic surgeon. Surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, and maybe even the gynecologist will discuss options and then present me with “the plan.” Admit to being a little anxious. Still feel “urpy” which could be either from the chemo or the radiation treatment. Although the surgeon looked over the scan he said it needs to be read by the radiology department to insure that they know what has happened during my course of treatment. I do know that several of the nodules are smaller in size. I will probably know before mid next week.

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  1. Nancy Thomason

    You should probably concentrate on having fun this week……thinking about Christmas, playing with the kitty, reading a good book, maybe get Jim to take you out to a movie. I choose to focus on the idea that several of the nodules are smaller. That has to be good.
    It was good to talk to you last week. We’ll talk again soon. Hugs.

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