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looks like it will be a lovely Christmas

Started radiation treatments last Wednesday and had my one cycle of chemo with radiation yesterday. Because of my allergic reaction last time, I was given extra Benadryl and after 3 hours at the Center and grocery shopping, I fell asleep in my recliner and slept ’til late afternoon! Woke up this morning feeling fantastic. That should last until Monday?

However, it has been an interesting week. I see the dentist regularly but found out on Monday that I will have to have a tooth pulled ( a cavity developing quickly under a crown) and I will have to fit that in with chemo. Ugh.

After Christmas, I will have two cycles of much more intense chemo with a three week wait in between and an evaluation to see how it worked.

What I am finding incredible is that the more open I am, the more outgoing – the more responsive and kind people are. Hugs seem to be the norm along with kind words, healthy curiosity and sharing. There is so much new information every day that being as open as possible at least alerts everyone to options they may not even know exist – not only about treatment but about sources for well being and emotional healing – as well as hints for health and comfort.

Once more, I am overwhelmed by the kindness of family and friends and cannot even express how much their support has meant to me.

I may not post until after Christmas – so, I m wishing you all Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a wonderful New year!



  1. Sharon Greene

    Merry Christmas to you too Lisa!

  2. Nancy Thomason

    Please keep us updated. It was so nice to talk with you after Christmas. You sounded so ready to take this on, and I know you will.
    Lots of love

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