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It’s a new year.

First of all, I had a wonderful Christmas and “time off.”  Lots of family and friend visits.  Still have the Christmas decorations up and think I will keep them up a little longer this year.

I saw my oncologist on New Year’s Eve.    Discussed the “tooth issue” and he suggested it be pulled before I started chemo again.  Was lucky – I called the oral surgeon to see if I could have an earlier appointment  and he was able to get me in for the consultation earlier – he’d had a cancellation – and was then able to get me in on an emergency basis this past Monday.  This will give me a bit over a week to heal before chemo starts again on January 14th.  Was really uncomfortable when the tooth was pulled – I’ve had just novocaine before – but this time it felt as if my jaw would crack.  One hydrocodone upon return home and one before bedtime resulted in a lot of sleep and I woke up with neither swelling nor bruising and no pain whatsoever – not even a Tylenol’s worth!  Had my first “non soup” meal today and it was wonderful!

Other than that, I really have nothing to update except that I am a little nervous about side effects from the heavier dose of chemotherapy.  I am reassuring myself that I can certainly manage since it is only two sessions.  There will be a three week break between infusions and then another PET scan.  We shall see.


Meanwhile – Happy New Year!


  1. Sharon Greene

    I hope your remaining chemo goes well. Best wishes for the remainder of your treatment.

  2. Susan Richman

    Hello Lisa! Thanks for your posting– and so sorry I didn’t get in touch over the holidays…. things got very busy here with Jesse & family, and our daughter Hannah & her boyfriend all visiting (not to mention at least a dozen MAJOR home/farm fix-up jobs that needed to be done *while* everyone was here– including fixing our ‘spring fed’ farm water system, shoring up a sagging bedroom floor in our guess cottage, putting a new hardwood floor down, getting a new furnace put in that same cottage, getting one septic tank emptied…. and more!), AND then we all got THE FLU in the midst of it all. I’ll be mailing on our annual Maple Syrup to you all very soon!

    Grateful to hear that your needed tooth extraction was able to be handle so VERY smoothly and quickly– AND that you recovered so readily, too. I think someone is looking out for you, Lisa!

    Wishing you courage and a continuation of your “I’m doing this!” attitude over the next month as you move into your next chemo treatments. Thinking of you all!

    Lots of love,

    • lisa

      Suzy – been thinking of you all. Realize you just got barely were back from Israel when all the commotion started and after seeing Patricia’s post realized you all must have had quite a time of it – of course didn’t realize you had gotten all of that work done as well. At least it wasn’t as cold as it could have been – even so, not a great time of year for those chores. Do hope you are all feeling well now! Love, Lisa

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