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Where do we go from here?

Well, I’ve gotten my Pet scan results.  “Cancer has not left the building.”  Actually, on a positive note, it has not moved beyond the left lung and the one suspicous lymph node  between my lungs is “less suspicious.”  No signs of disease anywhere else . . .  great, but then again lung cancer is not one of the nice ones.  I spoke with the doctor about “the plan.”  First of all, I will be able to attend a wedding I have been looking forward to.  My cough is slightly worse and I have gotten a prescription and hopefully that will be okay.  The doctor is having his pharmacy and business office hash out what may be the cost of treatment . . .  the going rate is $16,000  a month without insurance.  Thank goodness for catastrophic coverage – or at least, I hope so.  The targeted therapy may not be quite so harsh as infused chemo and I get to keep my curly chemo locks.  This may be more info than you care to hear . . .I am not pressing the “sympathy” button . . . but every cancer patient is having to face costs and those of us with insurance are the fortunate ones.  Just imagine what this is like for a huge number of people without insurance and emotional support.  Imagine the choices that had to be made before catastophic coverage.   Anyway, I am feeling okay at the moment.  Have had some up and down days-it’s unnerving to have to wait for answers – but as usual, now that I know that there is a plan,  I feel considerably calmer.  My general health is still good so I should be able to manage this as well.  Keep me in your thoughts.


  1. Susan Richman

    Lisa– thanks for sharing this update on things… yes, I’m sure there have indeed been some roller-coastering up’s and down’s here– but yes, a plan is now in place, and you’ll move through this next stage just as well as possible. Looking forward VERY much to seeing you and Jim at our son Jacob’s wedding in just over a week! Curly chemo locks bouncing ;-). Remember, no ‘high heels’ at the wedding and reception– steep terrain, and beach rocks to maneuver ;-).

    Lots of love, and lots of hope….. I’m going to see if I can email you a copy of a good friend’s FB posting on her cancer therapy (breast cancer)… I’m sure you’ll be able to identify with much that she shares (and she just happens to be an amazing writer… I was laughing out loud and then just about in tears as I read through it…

    See you and Jim soon!!!

  2. Nancy Thomason

    first, I love that the lymph node looks less suspicious, and that nothing appears to have spread. Very good news. I also am hoping this last treatment plan does the trick. Agree with you about insurance, and very glad you have catastrophic coverage. I do feel and worry for people facing these issues without it, and the last thing anybody needs to worry about with any serious health issue is money.
    Know that waiting time has got to be rough. Was thinking about you all month.
    So glad we’re all making it to Seattle. Let’s plan on having a ball!

  3. Karen clinton

    Lisa, you’re in my prayers. You are so strong. I admire you. Keep the faith. Hang in there. I believe in miracles. Love you

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