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July 22 – update

Some of you know we had been planning to go to our nephew’s wedding in Seattle last weekend – and I saw a number of responses to my Saturday post- that was the day. Well, it’s been a difficult time again. On the 8th the oncologist cleared me to go but by the 12th I was feeling horrible. My primary care doctor was able to get me in on Monday and I was diagnosed with pneumonia again. However, not as severe as in January, and with a healthy dose of antibiotics and a super strong cough syrup I was cleared to go . . . on Tuesday I realized I would “make it” and off we went on Wednesday morning. How wonderful it was to see everyone – it has been a long time. The wedding was beautiful-on the beach in front of their home – tables, lounge areas and dance floor set up on various terraces of their home – all with a view of Puget Sound. We were able to do a little sight seeing as well . We shared an apartment with Jim’s sister and her husband -lots of visiting. It was wonderful. On Monday after we returned I sort of crashed. I am sure the excitement helped keep me going and once I was home I was exhausted. Have to continue my antibiotics . . . and that brings me to the update of my care. We do not know yet if the drug company will pick up the copay for my therapy. I can’t begin to take it until I am off antibiotics – so I am back “on hold.” Right now, I think I need a couple more days of rest before I even think of getting anything done. I am disappointed about that – but SO glad we were able to make the trip.

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  1. Nancy Thomason

    Lisa…….you did a lot of partying and walking and visiting last week…..it would have been a lot for anyone. Usually for pneumonia the treatment is bed rest, and I hope you are getting plenty now that you are home. It was easy to think, “oh, this is just pneumonia, making me feel bad……that’s nothing”., but pneumonia needs taking care of too. So feet up, plenty of fluids, nap a lot, don’t stress. You did look wonderful, and it was so good to get to spend time with you. Get the guys to get you some good chicken noodle soup.
    Lots and lots of love, Nancy
    PS…….I just noticed Slavko’s green plastic Space Needle bank/drinking bottle is displayed on the table in front of our front window…..right in the middle of it.

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