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After just posting the other day, here I am again. Still coughing- which I understand can last awhile- but will take my last antibiotic on Tuesday and will start the targeted chemo on Wednesday. Blood tests every two weeks the first month, then once a month and another Pet scan in three months. I have to admit to a little more anxiety than before. I know this is a “wonder drug” and there is even another one in the wings – but the world is filled with uncertainty and this isn’t helping. Keep me in your thoughts.


  1. Nancy Thomason

    Oh my. I can understand the anxiety, and I feel it too for you.
    Let’s concentrate on seeing this being the wonder drug we hope it will be.
    After just seeing you I know you are strong, so I know you can do this.
    Are there still unanswered questions about the cough being pneumonia or related to the cancer? Do not be afraid to ask any and all questions of your doctors.
    Here for you, and love as always, Nancy

    • lisa

      Nancy – Thank you. I’m hoping this will all work out. The cough is so much less of a problem than before antibiotics it surely seems to be from pneumonia – and I understand that a cough can last for weeks! Will keep you posted. Just keep that space needle in the window as some sort of a beacon!!!!! Love, Lisa

      • Nancy Thomason

        Space needle is there!

  2. Gail Waxman

    Hi Lisa. A little anxiety sure beats boredom. I know you will win this battle. Please consider taking time each day to count your blessings too. every cloud has its silver lining. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you

    • lisa

      Gail – thanks for the encouragement. I am grateful every day. And – Facebook really does help us keep in touch over the miles. I miss you too! Lisa

  3. Ranan

    So many things I wish for. I wish I wish I wish…. I have to have faith in science. Lean on your friends. They will arrive. Maybe its a simple smiling face or you just needing the time to unleash. Its all fair game. Im good at being yelled at! Been married long enough to understand. 🙂

    • Lisa Thomason

      Ranan – I am grateful for your wishes. If I could just get rid of this cough which doesn’t seem to be cancer related I would be feeling much better. The chemo pills I will be taking are supposed to be truly miracle drugs. We shall see. Lisa

  4. Susan Richman

    Sending you courage and healing thoughts, and that this medicine will quickly find its target and zoom right in and do what it needs to do. SO grateful we got to see you in Seattle mid-July! May you get all the *rest* you need, may your cough heal up completely (with patience… yes, coughs can take a while….), may many who are nearby jump in to help out as needed.

    Love you,

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